September 11th, 2001

Excerpt from the Grizzly Sept. 19th, 2002 Front Page


Those who hear the date 9/11 are generally overcome with shock, fear, and a sense of loss.  Even though many of us did not lose loved ones in the attack, the sheer violence and sympathy for those who suffered is enough to invoke powerful feelings, even in an apathetic bystander.  On top of everything, this heartbreaking tragedy occurred fairly recently, giving others the chance to prescribe meaning to September 11th through their own stories of where they were that day. 

While these sentiments appear to paint a negative picture, hope is found through unity.  During these tragic times, the United States came together as one in order to combat the threat of terrorism and to stay strong. If one needs proof of this communal unity, they need look no further than Ursinus College.  Both the administration and the student body responded to the tragedy with a profound sense of tolerance and patriotism that brought out the best in the college.