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The church includes the list of names of those incarcerated to keep in your prayers weekly in their Sunday bulletin board

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On February 11th, Reverend Dr. Aidsand F. Wright-Riggins delivered a sermon at Bethlehem Baptist Church about the injustice that the millions of prisoners in the United States are facing and how Jesus would come to their aid in a time of need which…

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Students from Ursinus interviewed a former inmate at Graterford Prison who talks about systemic racism and Graterford's resources such as education sources and healthcare programs.

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A Ursinus student visited the Graterford Prison to investigate the improved programs the prison provided the inmates in the early 70's, which tries to encourage Ursinus College to allow the prison to use its resources.

Recount of Ingram's experiences at various correctional facilities across Pennsylvania

Prisoners will now get at least 42½ hours per week out of their cells and will be allowed to eat and attend religious services with other inmates.

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In the article, Dr. Cooper offers a description of the various prison types and differences between Graterford Penitentiary and its predecessor, Eastern State Penitentiary. Additionally, Dr. Cooper elaborates upon the construction of the prison, the…

New Eastern State Penitentiary, Graterford, Warden’s Daily Journal, 1954-1956

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Photo showing exterior view of south east gate of Eastern State Penitentiary of Pennsylvania.
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