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GALAResponses The Controversy Continues Dec 10 1991.JPG
Studnets and faculty offer their support for Mr. Ronning and one rebuke.

The Last Word from Ronning.JPG
Ronning thanks his supporters and rebukes his detractors--in detail.

GALAResponses Dec 10 1991.JPG
Two students offer their perspectives on the GALA controversy.

A Christian Response Nov 26 1991.JPG
Shawn Glancy continues his letter from a previous page, arguing that we must presume that God may be working through GALA and that we must be as open to listening to them as we would want them to be of listening to us.

Ronning Responses Critiqued Nov 26 1991.JPG
Mike Evans gives critiques on the logical argumentation of several of the letters in response to John Ronning's letter.

More Response to Ronning Letter Nov 26 1991.JPG
Students, faculty and staff offer various opinions regarding Ronning's controversial letter on GALA.

Is Pretty Good Good Enough Nov 26 1991.JPG
Opinions Editor Steven Grubb argues that Ursinus should more positively consider change, work towards improving the community.

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StudentsReacttoSocialLife Nov 19 1991.JPG
Christopher Phiel expresses his annoynace with the amount of attention GALA has received.

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