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GALAResponses The Controversy Continues Dec 10 1991.JPG
Studnets and faculty offer their support for Mr. Ronning and one rebuke.

GALAResponses Dec 10 1991.JPG
Two students offer their perspectives on the GALA controversy.

Ronning Responses Critiqued Nov 26 1991.JPG
Mike Evans gives critiques on the logical argumentation of several of the letters in response to John Ronning's letter.

More Response to Ronning Letter Nov 26 1991.JPG
Students, faculty and staff offer various opinions regarding Ronning's controversial letter on GALA.

NoMoreCrap Nov 19 1991.jpg
Various students offer support for, and condemnation of, Ronning's letter.

NoMoreCrap Nov 19 1991.jpg
Katie Jones sympathizes with GALA and condemns Ronning for the tone he took in his letters.

FacultyMembersSpeakOut Nov 19 1991.jpg
The Executive Committee members offer a strong rebuke of John Ronning's letter and sentiments.

FacultyMembersSpeakOut Nov 19 1991.jpg
Ronald Hess, Margot Kelley, and Robert Dawley speak out again John Ronning's letter.

WritinginGodTaste Nov 19 1991.jpg
The Editor in Chief of the Grizzly defends his decision to print John Ronning's letter, citing freedom of speech.

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