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The Last Word from Ronning.JPG
Ronning thanks his supporters and rebukes his detractors--in detail.

WritinginGodTaste Nov 19 1991.jpg
Ellen R. Sylvester, the Assistant Opinions Editor, argues that Ronning's letter was harmful and stereotyped the homosexual populaiton.

GlobalPerspectives Nov 19 1991.jpg
A news blurb states that HIV tests have increased locally since Magic Johnson's announcement that he is living with AIDS.

EditorialMagicJohnson Nov 12 1991.jpg
Opinions Editor Steven Grubb argues that the cause of Magic Johnson's contraction of AIDS doesn't matter; rather, we should learn from him and protect ourselves.

GlobalPerspectives Nov 12 1991.jpg
A news blurb summarizes Magic Johnson's public disclosure that he is living AIDS.

GlobalPerspectives Oct 1 1991.jpg
The National section mentions both a spike in "gay-bashing" and a woman campaigning for all health care workers to be tested for AIDS.
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