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Shreiner Hall

Shreiner Hall is the most well-substantiated case for Ursinus being haunted. The building has a long history of odd occurrences and ghost sightings that date back to the 1920s. Particularly, the start of a mysterious fire where several “fur coats and dresses burned in a staircase closet” in 1921 was probably what ignited the rumors about Shreiner to come [1]. But a mysterious fire is not the only piece of fodder for the legend of ghosts surrounding Shreiner. Supposedly, Shreiner, like Clamer, has its own pair of jilted lovers; as the tale goes, a young woman’s lover is killed overseas while serving in the Navy and, overcome with grief, she takes her life [2]. This ghost reportedly does nothing more than create creaking footsteps throughout the house and break mirrors; additionally, while she is said to haunt Shreiner, her lover is rumored to haunt Hobson [3]. But wait! There are even more rumors that hover about Shreiner Hall. Another ghost story finds its origin in the rumor that a girl, dumped by her lover, decided to take her life in her misery [4] . With all of this misery surrounding the ghost stories of Shreiner, surly that must mean that the reported supernatural instances must be quite remarkable. Well, students have discussed Shreiner being haunted, and one student had reported something touching “her face while she slept” [5]. Or, put into another perspective, Shreiner Hall residents eventually called on a priest to come to the house and “perform an exorcism” [6].