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Clamer Hall

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Out of all the incidences and rumors that have started tales of ghosts haunting Ursinus College, the ghosts that haunt Clamer Hall can claim the most dramatic historical origin. As the tale goes, before the building was owned by the college, it was owned by Francis Clamer, and his daughter had a love affair with someone below her societal status and rejected her lover after he father arranged a marriage for her; the lover, not taking her decision well, stabbed her to death in an alcove before ending his own life [2]. In a less outwardly dramatic tale, the ghosts are explained to be the result of a girl dying from an overdose while in her room [3]. The current residents of Clamer claim to see flashes of a figure in a white dress – the students even reportedly brought a psychic with them to the school, all to no avail [4]. Finally, a psychic suggested to one of the residents not to fear the ghosts as they were “friendly, not evil” [5].