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History of the GSA


Myths and Legends Tour

Clips of our tour on campus.

No More Blue Skies

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This collection covers the history of Ursinus College during the Roaring Twenties and the Great Depression

Pfahler Hall

pfahler tunnel.png

These photographs include Pfahler Hall's exterior and interior

Contributors: L. Jarvis

Pfahler Hall Articles


These are the primary sources from the Ursinus Archives that contain information about Pfahler Hall's history

Contributors: Ursinus College
Ralph F. Wismer
Harry E. Paisley
Stanley Omwake,
Calvin D, Yost
D. L. Helfferich
Francis J. Gildner

Pledging Regulation Changes of Local Fraternities and Sororities at Ursinus College

How have pledging regulations changed for local fraternities and sororities over the past 65 years at Ursinus?

Contributors: Grace Sullivan, Pat O'Toole, Chris Porzelt, Kevin Travis

Reading Between the Letters: Inclusivity of Marginalized Groups in Ursinus Greek Life

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UC Presidents


A brief history of UC through the accomplishments of these 5 memorable presidents.

UC Smoking Ads

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Unity House Project

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A collection of photographs and written accounts that help illustrate the purpose of Unity House as well as Ursinus' history of race - discussions,…