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UC Smoking Ads


To showcase the smoking ads published in the Ursinus College news paper.


Our group


The Grizzly, Ruby, Lantern, and Football programs


1940's and 1980's

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Chesterfield smoking ad from 1940
a picture of Paul Derringer at the mount about to pitch while a man is selling cigarettes in a larger photo behind him to the crowd making the correlation that they are serving people the same.

Camel smoking ad from 1940
Larruping lawson little promotes the the 5 extra camels per a pack by them making a correlation between the extra yards in his drives.

Camel smoking ad from 1940
Pilots appear in the ad and it being said that they landed specifically for camels because the ad says he out flew the weather for extra speed and he turned to camels for extra mildness.

Camel Smoking ad from 1940
This ad previews big floating heads of famous people with writing under them and the ad tells us here is a little extra listening.

Chesterfield smoking ad from 1940
The ad features Susanne Turner, Mary Steele, and Jean Donnelly members of the Women Flyers of America all smiling and together while one of them is holding up a pack of cigarettes.

Camels - the cigarette of Costlier Tobaccos
An ad about Camel cigarettes and sports writers

Smart Girls
An ad for cigarettes with three attractive girls smiling and holding boxes of cigarettes

Chesterfield - The Cigarette of the Hour
An ad for cigarettes with a beautiful girl in a dress smoking a cigarette

Camels - the cigarette of Long-Burning Costlier Tobaccos
An ad for cigarettes with horses and attractive women riding the horses

Chesterfield - The attractive Gift Carton that says Merry Christmas
A cigarette ad for Christmas that shows an attractive woman sledding
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