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This is a video taken from the Ursinus SnapChat on Nov. 15th, 2017 of the group touring campus and looking at lost/mysterious places. Visual confirmation of radiation labs.

pfahler tunnel.png
This is one of the tunnels under the grounds of Ursinus College, but it is no longer in use.

inner lab 4.png
This image provides a better look at the full lab. The rusted desks and crumbling cement shows both the age and the isolated nature of this location. It's exactly how many people picture the ideal living space of a ghost!

inner lab 3.png
Looking up shows just how old these labs are - the ceiling is exposed while students clamber up and down the stairs directly above us.

lab entrance.png
With the 'Radioactivity Laboratories' label still intact, the entrance to the labs requires a ladder to climb down to the doorway - it's never easy to get to the best secrets!

inner lab 1.png
Rusted desks are piled high on the muddy ground inside one of the two sealed radioactivity labs.

pfahler night and day.png
Pfahler Hall in the mid-autumn sunshine (left) and all lit up at dusk (right).
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