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Pictured here are Ursinus students celebrating May Day in 1933

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This photograph shows the the promenade thrown for the Junior class in 1933

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This picture shows the prom thrown for the Junior class in 1930

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These photos provide great insight into what Ursinus' campus looked like between 1930-1935.

Pfahler Hall.jpg
A photograph of the Science Building now called Pfahler Hall

An aerial photo taken of Ursinus College in 1930

Student Aid.jpg
An article focusing on a program to give students who cannot pay their tuition money in exchange for work

Publication  Finances.jpg
An editorial about the price of the Ruby and the number of students willing to purchase it based on the higher price


FDR and the Democratic Party were assailed by Republican speakers at a political rally in the gymnasium at the height of the presidential election of 1932.

Representatives of the Socialist, Republican, and Democratic parties visit Ursinus students during a regular meeting of the Y.W.C. The program was largely held on account of the ongoing presidential election that year.
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