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No More Blue Skies


The history of Ursinus College during the Roaring Twenties and the Great Depression


This collection covers the history of Ursinus College during the Roaring Twenties and the Great Depression


Harrison Cade



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Gaiety Holds Full Sway at Annual Xmas Banquet
This article gives a detailed description of the Christmas party, an annual tradition, held at Ursinus College in 1934.

Ursinus Bequeathed $500 by Will of Jacob M. Hoke
Alum Jacob M. Hoke died on in February 1935, but not before contributing $500 to Ursinus College, as conditioned by his will.

Ursinus Enrolls Largest Class, 184
This article celebrates Ursinus' largest enrolling Freshman class to date. A list of the incoming Freshman is provided, with their places of origin as well.

Fiddling While Rome Turns
The author of this article chastises college students for failing to use their intellect to address matters of great importance both foreign and domestic. The author calls them out as the Neros of today, referencing the Roman emperor's indifferent…

This article discusses the concept of liberty, and how it various from society to society, civilization to civilization, people to people. The author also delves into a similar description of individuality.

College Freshmen Increase
This article covers the increase in incoming Freshman that Ursinus College witnessed in 1934. Moreover, the article provides some reasoning as to why Ursinus College, along with the majority of the nation's colleges, experienced an increase in…

Varsity Club Cuts Cost of Dance on November 17
This article describes how the cost of the Varsity Club Dance was reduced, in comparison to previous years. An emphasis is made over the fact that the price of admission will not exceed $1.25.

Dr. Boswell Forms New Relief Plan
Dr. Boswell lays out a plan to increase the production of goods by lowering prices, and stop the cost of living from further increasing.

Halloween Party Attracts 150 Guests in Hobo Clothes
Ursinus College held Halloween parties in which party-goers dressed up as hobos, wearing their oldest, most tattered clothes.

Joint Y.W.Y.M. Presents Armistice Theme in Play
The play "After Supper," presented at a Y.M and Y.W.C.A. meeting, explored the horrors of war, and the futility of fighting. The play revolved around it's protagonist's epiphany that there is no glory in war, only in peace-making.
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