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These are the primary sources from the Ursinus Archives that contain information about Pfahler Hall's history


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Calvin D, Yost
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Collection Items

"Radiologists Honor Dr. Pfahler"
This article gives a description of the awards and positions held by Dr. Pfahler, the namesake of Pfahler Hall.

College Catalog from the school year of 1935-1936
A physics course description from 1935-1936 with an altered name from the description given the previous year (1934-1935)

College catalog from the school year 1936-1937
A physics course description for 1936-1937 with an altered name and description from those given the previous year (1935-1936)

College Catalog from the school year of 1933-1934
A physics course description that will be altered in future school years

College Catalog from the school year of 1934-1935
A physics course description with an altered ending from the description given the previous year

A Donation from Dr. Pfahler
This article gives the monetary amount donated by Dr. Pfahler to aid the college in paying for Pfahler Hall's construction.

The Science Building - Preliminary Studies
This article elaborates on the ideas the helped propel the project of constructing the science building that would come to be known as Pfahler Hall

Development of Plans
This article elaborates on the benefits of including science in a liberal education, providing an atmosphere for scientific collaboration, and challenging students so as to further their scientific understanding

Financing the Building
Funding and financial campaigns for the new science building are presented in this article

Pfahler Hall Sketch
A sketch of the new science building at Ursinus College
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