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A closeup photograph of the Pfahler Hall of Science's name above the main entrance

Dr. Harry E. Paisley honors Dr. George E. Pfahler by formally declaring that the science building be officially known as the Pfahler Hall of Science

During this speech given at the Founder's Convocation Day of 1942, the wonders of the physical universe and the desire to understand the mystery of life are extolled by Dr. Harry E. Paisley

This article explains how a committee was gathered in order to select quotations for the two inscriptions to be made on the science building. The winners were words from Kepler and Faraday.

Dr. Omwake writes about the finishing touches on the science building and states his anticipation of the educational advantages that will be provided by the construction

This image provides an aerial view of the college's campus where the construction of the new science building (later to be named Pfahler Hall) can be seen as just the foundations on the leftmost side of the image

This article details installations within the science building and monetary gifts given toward its construction

This letter addresses the need for more monetary support from alumni in order to cover the costs of constructing the new science building

The main floor and basement floor rooms are detailed in this article

This image shows the original layout of the first and basement floors in 1932 - note that the radioactivity labs are labelled as the 'Constant Temperature' and 'Low Temperature' rooms since they have not been refurbished into laboratories.
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