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Racism Symposium Set For March 20 with Lincoln University .png
"Racism Symposium Set For March 20 with Lincoln Univ." is an article with an unknown author written on March 6, 1969 from the Ursinus Weekly. The article speaks on a lecture that was had at Ursinus College with Lincoln University on the topic…

Facing segregation...March 24, 2011 The grizzly.jpg
“Facing Segregation in the 21st Century Through Campus Programs” is a newspaper article written by Tom Nucatola published March 24, 2011 The Grizzly. In the article Nucatola expresses that SPINT Housing designed for specific racial and sexual groups…

Alabama Civil Rights Trip... March 29, 2012 The Grizzly.tif
In March 2012, during Ursinus College's spring break, eight students of Chaplain, Reverend Charles Rice's African American Religious Experience class, traveled to Alabama for a civil rights trip. The elective class's small size allowed for deep…

Screen Shot 2019-12-05 at 3.42.12 PM.jpeg
In October of 1980, political scientist Kenneth W. Grundy was invited to speak at Ursinus College about the Great Powers of Africa. At the time of the event, Grundy had visited Africa for his research six times and spent his time traveling and…

Focus_Nate Dupree Ursinus Weekly_1974Nov7final-4.jpg
“Focus: Nate Dupree Can a Black Man Find Happiness at Ursinus? Well…” is an interview written by Richard Whaley and published November 7, 1974 Ursinus Weekly. In the interview Dupree mentions that he would like to add a Black studies program and…

Our Play, Monday, December 2, 1968, Ursinus Weekly.png
Ursinus Weekly satirical editorial in the form of a play lampooning Ursinus' unclear justice process

ProTheatre Change, Thursday, October 17, 1968, Ursinus Weekly.png
Ursinus Weekly article about the Curtain Club's change to Protheatre as a democratic reinvention of student theater at Ursinus

The State of the Play Article, Monday, June 5, 1967, Ursinus Weekly.png
Ursinus Weekly article praising the Curtain Club's four productions in the 1966-1967 academic year

Dramatic Arts Emphasized Article Title, Monday, March 14, 1966, Ursinus Weekly.png
Ursinus Weekly title saying "Dramatic Arts Emphasized During Month of March," including the Beaver Players theatrical production of "No Exit" as one example

Two Hundred Students Say Dawn Adieus - 2-22-1943(reduced+OCR).pdf
A newspaper article from the Ursinus Weekly which recounts the departure of 31 Army Reservists who attended Ursinus.
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