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Racism Symposium Set For March 20 with Lincoln University .png
"Racism Symposium Set For March 20 with Lincoln Univ." is an article with an unknown author written on March 6, 1969 from the Ursinus Weekly. The article speaks on a lecture that was had at Ursinus College with Lincoln University on the topic…

This article features as guest speaker at Ursinus College. The speaker, Dr. Ledislas Segy, talks about his love of African Art because of their creation of animism. Animism, he describes, is a belief in magic and spiritual behavior that is deeply…

1969 Ruby, ProTheatre.png
This is the first appearance of ProTheatre in a Ruby yearbook. It is described as a "progressive, professional, productive dramatics organization." There are three images of members of the group.
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