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The introduction course to African American and Africana Studies is the core requirement for the AAAS minor. This course is currently taught by Dr. Patricia Lott and is offered approximately every two years. Students in the course read a variety of…

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“Facing segregation in the 21st century through campus programs” was written by Tom Nucatola and was published on March 24, 2011, in the Ursinus Grizzly. Mr. Nucatola argues that SPINT housing and the W.R. Crigler Institute program (formerly The…

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“Facing Segregation in the 21st Century Through Campus Programs” is a newspaper article written by Tom Nucatola published March 24, 2011 The Grizzly. In the article Nucatola expresses that SPINT Housing designed for specific racial and sexual…

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A list of CoSA presentations that came from the loins of the African American & Africana Studies program.

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The first image is the Ursinus College Course Catalogue from 2011-2013. This section specifically focuses on the residence halls here at Ursinus College. One of the houses offered is the American History & Africana Studies House. This house fell…
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