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Articles about the nations history of campus protest and campus violence followed by a quotation about Nixon.

After growing tensions between students and the administration, a protest breaks out on campus and divided the campus.

A rather critical student editorial of Ursinus's history of activism.

A message from Dr. Rice who responds to the Ursinus administration's decision to not cancel classes for the Vietnam War Moratorium.

Advice for students graduating college in 1969.

Conscription Not the Answer? :Weekly-MAR20-1969
An article discussing why voluntary service in the armed forced would yield better results than the draft.

An editorial in which a dismayed student ponders the future of Ursinus and what will happen if the students remain complacent with the status quo.

An aerial photo of the Ursinus campus being described as a Viet Cong rest camp.

Weekly War Extra - 12-8-1941(reduced+OCR).pdf
A piece published the day after Pearl Harbor occurred announced the United States officially declared war on Japan.
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