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Our Play, Monday, December 2, 1968, Ursinus Weekly.png
Ursinus Weekly satirical editorial in the form of a play lampooning Ursinus' unclear justice process

The State of the Play Article, Monday, June 5, 1967, Ursinus Weekly.png
Ursinus Weekly article praising the Curtain Club's four productions in the 1966-1967 academic year

The Crucible Article, Thursday, December 8, 1966, Ursinus Weekly.png
Ursinus Weekly article reviewing the Curtain Club's production of "The Crucible" (Arthur Miller)

CC Play Announcement Monday, March 21, 1966, Ursinus Weekly.png
Ursinus Weekly article advertising the Curtain Club's "The Tender Trap" production

Cultural Exchange Editorial, March 14, 1966, URsinus Weekly.png
Ursinus Weekly editorial about the Beaver Players "No Exit" production with financial support from the Curtain Club and the Romance Language Department
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