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This article features as guest speaker at Ursinus College. The speaker, Dr. Ledislas Segy, talks about his love of African Art because of their creation of animism. Animism, he describes, is a belief in magic and spiritual behavior that is deeply…

Badd Kitti Flyer.jpeg
Dianne Brieze Thompson also known as Badd Kitti was the final speaker in the Riding the Wave, Creating the Vibe series on November 11, 2019 in the Bear’s Den. Thompson’s, known for her soulful, conscious vibe, is a pioneer of Philadelphia’s…

Dr. Eve Dunbar Flyer.JPG
Dr. Eve Dunbar is an Associate Professor of English at Vassar College. She was the AAAS Guest lecturer on November 13, 2015 in Pfahler Auditorium. Dr. Dunbar’s talk, “Mice, Chickens, Gorillas… Oh, Maud!” had the audience rethink what it means…

What is Africa to Me Flyer.JPG
On April 22, 2013, Ursinus students, faculty and friends came together to discuss one question: “what is Africa to me?”. Light refreshments were served as the dialogue invited those in attendance to join featured guest Will Godfrey ’13, Liora…

Anonymous conversation about defending Ursinus compared to other colleges

FacultyMembersSpeakOut Nov 19 1991.jpg
Alumna and Associate Director of Development Jill Leauber Sherman, class of 1978, calls on students to "unite" behind the "same diploma."

A Christian Response Nov 26 1991.JPG
Shawn Glancy continues his letter from a previous page, arguing that we must presume that God may be working through GALA and that we must be as open to listening to them as we would want them to be of listening to us.

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