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"A Rainbow is Better." October 3rd, 1995

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"A Rainbow is Better." October 3rd, 1995





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I was deeply disturbed by something that I heard today. As a senior, I figured I knew all there was to know about the attitudes and feelings of the students on this campus. However, this is apparently not true at all. Rarely does something that one does or says make me angry. And nothing has upset me this much before, or given me the motivation to write an article.

I believe that college campuses should be the educational centers of the world, not just for academics, but for ideologies as well. Various events this week have awakened me to the fact that Ursinus is a place for academic learning alone.

Expecting harmony among assorted beliefs and practices seems to be too much to ask these days. Differing political views, religions, and lifestyles appear to be jammed into a 1,100 person school where beliefs are strong and open-mindedness is lacking. I believe in free speech. By this I mean that as long as one is not demaining another group in their written or spoken words, free speech is a blessing. However, this past week has been a nightmare for free speech and action.

WVOU has been the deliverer of homphobic and gay-bashing messages. The conversations between two show's DJs and callers are too graphic to write. How is it that one can find profanity and explicit sexual, stereotypical comments entertaining? The language used on the radio is enough to call for some new rules on the air but how about the content of these messages? Should these few people be allowed to criticize and degrade those who do not follow the "norm"? Should the other listeners who are tolerant and understanding of diversity have to listen to this garbage?

Well, not only was this issue present on the air this week but, it was also present on the wall. GALA recetly hung a poster in Wismer lobby A reading, "HOMOPHOBIA NEEDS TO BE CURED NOT HOMOSEXUALITY." To my knowledge, this statement is not offensive. It is true that some individuals who do not agree with homosexuality may be angered by this but, the statement does not criticize heterosexuals.

To my knowledge, this sign was removed from the wall by a group of students that do not agree with, or tolerate, homosexuality. And this too sickens me. It is good to have steadfast beliefs. Yet, if one has such firm beliefs, why should they feel threated by another's?

These heated issues and the emtions caused by them can be channeled toward education. From an envrironment where differing opinions are able to be epxressed and heard, diversity, respect, and ultimately unity can flourish.

GALA has made a suggestion with which I agree; if you do not agree with what someone says or does, you can voice that opinion. This campus would be a better place if it were filled with a variety of educational messages. Pleace, post a sign next to an existing one, or voice your opinion over the air. However, please do it with open-mindedness and kindness. Let's get all of the opinions out on the floor without cruelty. A rainbow is better than a solitary hue.

-Karen O'Connor
Class of 1996

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