The Crigler Institiute

First African-American graduate to be honored

An article from the Feb. 3, 2011 Grizzly focused on the future ceremony to take place on Friday, Feb. 4th that means to honor W. R. Crigler in changing the Summer Bridge program after his name.

On Feb 4, 2011, Ursinus held a ceremony where the Summer Bridge program was renamed W. R. Crigler, the first Black student to graduate from Ursinus College. Paulette Patton expressed the relevance of the name change as she wanted this program to honor Dr. Crigler's legacy and to highlight Crigler as an example to students of color at Ursinus College.



Crigler Institute seeks to foster community

An article from the Feb. 9, 2012 Grizzly demonstrates the mission of the Crigler Institute, and how academically beneficial is to thoe students enrolled.

Crigler Institute sought to create a smooth transition between high school and college for minorities entering Ursinus College. It was to encourage retention and graduation rates of minority students by the integration process the Crigler Institute hoped to smoothly guide. Various opportunities are offered to students in this program.

Check out the mission page on the Ursinus College website: