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“Black and Beautiful” is a newspaper article contained in volume 67 of The Ursinus Weekly. Published on January 11th, 1968, this article serves as a form of student activism geared towards dismantling the white supremacy in the 60s and 70s.…

Dr. Margot Kelley Bursts My Bubble.jpg
An interview with faculty, Dr. Margot Kelley, that addresses rumor that she wants to sue Greek life for abuse of pledges. Dr. Kelley actually just criticized Greek life for promoting a lack of diversity on campus.

New Greek Orgs 2015.JPG
This article reports on the three new organizations attempting to form charters at Ursinus in 2015, including Lambda Tau Omega, a multicultural sorority, Lambda Alpha Upsilon, a multicultural fraternity that focuses on Latino culture, and Alpha Delta…

New Greek Orgs 2 2015.JPG
The second part of an article that reports on three new organizations attempting to form charters at Ursinus in 2015.

a question on diversity.png
A "Roving Reporter" Asks Students their opinions on the diversity of the campus. In it, many of the students specify one of two different opinions, that the campus lacks diversity, or it does not, and then explain why they think so in varying levels…

Kappa Alpha Psi and Seismic Step emerge on campus, continued.jpg
Discusses the overnight diversity program and the entertainment provided by the Step Team and the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity. The article also discusses the reasons why the fraternity had left campus twice due to the overall lack of members, in 1994…

exposure 2.1.07.jpg
In The Grizzly, published February 1st, 2007, Jon Gagas wrote “What’s going on with Exposure.” One evening the semester prior, Exposure had a potluck dinner where students of every color came together for a communal meal. Exposure is a group…

crigler 2.3.11.jpg
In The Grizzly, published February 3rd, 2011, Joshua Walsh wrote “First African-American graduate to be honored,” recognizing and awarding William Robert Crigler who was the first African-American graduate of Ursinus College in 1956. After an…

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