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Sig Rho 2015.JPG
All the members of Sigma Rho Lambda fraternity in 2015.


February 27th, 1981.png
Students pledging fraternities feel that professors look upon them negatively, because of the stigma attached to fraternities. The faculty complain that pledges fall asleep during classes frequently and are subjected to "degrading" behavior.…

Beta Sig Lineup 1986.JPG
Beta Sigma Lambda pledges are subjected to go through a fraternal tradition called lineup. Lineup is illegal at Ursinus now. However, in the past pledges were forced to endure hours of humiliation and hazing rituals to gain membership into…

Sig Rho 1986.JPG
Sigma Rho Lambda pledges are being subjected to hazing rituals outside. The pledges are wearing boxers on the outside of their pants, sunglasses, helmets and heavy coats. The rituals are created to embarrass and ostracize the pledges.

Beta Sig 1940.JPG
The photograph depicts all the brothers of Beta Sigma Lambda for the 1940 yearbook.


A New Band of Brothers Comes to Ursinus.jpg
A new national fraternity, Sigma Pi-Theta Sigma recieved their charter

Chi Rho Psi 1993.png
The first picture of Chi Rho Psi in the Ruby yearbook.

Delta Pi Sigma 1951.png
The first year Delta Pi Sigma (founded 1949) was featured in the Ruby yearbook.

Kappa Alpha Psi 2010.jpg
The first year the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity was featured in the Ruby yearbook

les nupes.png
Photograph of the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity from the 2015 Ruby yearbook.
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