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First African-American Graduate to be Honored

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First African-American Graduate to be Honored


Recruitment and retention of students of color at Ursinus College


In The Grizzly, published February 3rd, 2011, Joshua Walsh wrote “First African-American graduate to be honored,” recognizing and awarding William Robert Crigler who was the first African-American graduate of Ursinus College in 1956. After an interview with a scout from Ursinus College, who was looking for an African-American student to enroll, Crigler ended up enrolling at Ursinus College. Crigler was very involved on campus; he studied several hours a day, played two sports, and sang in the school choir, to name a few. Crigler was devoted to helping children and young people and suggest to them “to take every opportunity. There’s room for everything.” The ceremony for William Robert Crigler took place on February 4th and 6th. He delivered an address in Bomberger Meditation Chapel as part of Ursinus College’s celebration of black history month. Since early efforts to recruit students of color, the recognition of Crigler is one of the ways Ursinus College has continued to work towards becoming more inclusive.


Joshua Walsh


The Grizzly


February 3rd, 2011


Ursinus College




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