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Bomberger Hall Memorial Library: MAJOR RENOVATIONS BEGIN
Article explains the funding and renovations occurring in Bomberger in relation to the addition of a College Union.

French installed as chair.jpg
Dr. John French, associate music professor at Ursinus College, inaugurated into the William F. Heefner chair position

tribute to music.jpg
An account of the dedication ceremony of the new Ursinus Organ. It was dedicated in memory of Russel E. Heefner, and the establishment of the William F. Heefer Chair of Music

heefner organ installation article.jpg
An account of the new Ursinus organ, named the Heefner Organ after its dedication ceremony. It details specifications of the organ and talks about the process of installing the organ into Bomberger auditorium in the summer of 1986.

installing heefner organ.jpg
Groups of pictures that show the installation and dedication ceremony of the Heefner Memorial Organ

Memories from Bombergers granddaughter 1.jpg
An article from an interview with Miss marion Spangler, the granddaughter of Dr. Bomberger, founder and first President of Ursinus College. It details her connections to the place, including her memories and a short and slight biography of her own…

Images of the original floor plans of Bomberger Hall when it was first built in 1893. The hall functioned as an academic, meeting, and religious space for the college. The plans clearly indicate a banquet hall, science laboratories, the chapel space…

no funds for Bomberger.jpg
Bomberger Tower was dismantled earlier in the year 1978 due to major safety concerns. Nails had loosened and wood had rotted after over 80 years of exposure to the elements. This article details the announcement that the college still cannot afford…
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