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Page 5 Grizzly Oct 26 2017 vol 42 no 7.jpg
A piece discussing Shreiner Hall, Hobson Hall, and Trappe Tavern's supernatural happenings and ghost rumors. Pfahler Hall, Ritter, and Bomberger Auditorium's supernatural happenings are also mentioned.

the new organ.jpg
The committee awards the contract for the organ

College is getting an organ.jpg
In memory of her late husband, Mrs. Charles Heber Clark donates $5,000 for Ursinus College to buy a pipe organ.

heefner organ installation article.jpg
An account of the new Ursinus organ, named the Heefner Organ after its dedication ceremony. It details specifications of the organ and talks about the process of installing the organ into Bomberger auditorium in the summer of 1986.

It is unclear whether the photo shows the convocation ceremony which is given to first year students in their first days at Ursinus, or the baccalaureate ceremony which is the last ceremony Ursinus students participate in before their graduation.
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