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Omeka - Digital History at Ursinus

1968-1970: In Focus

Our coverage of alcohol policy at Ursinus begins in the late 1960s, with the two articles below. Before this time, the Weely seldom reported on alcohol consumption policy because alcohol was thoroughly disallowed on campus and the general campus climate favored this stance. It is not until these two articles appear that we see indication of a shift, though conversations about dorm visitation hours, weekend events and other aspects of social life are going on in the background. While these other social life issues get a lot of time in the Weekly, alcohol makes its first major appearance as a topic of discussion here.

1. Open Parties-Girl Dies in Crash_ etc..jpeg

Our exploration of alcohol policy begins in 1968 with an editorial published in the Weekly.

On the morning of November 9th, 1968, Kristine Litwak is killed in a car accident on the way back from an off-campus party. This tragic event compels a Weekly writer to craft an eloquent editorial detailing how future tradgedies could be prevented by allowing students to drink and hold events on campus.

3. USGA Discusses Drinking.jpeg

The next year, the USGA (Student Government) speaks with President Helfferich about the poosibility of legalizing drinking on campus. Helfferich insists that alcohol policy must be specific, and that a punishment system must exist for students who violate the established rules. 

Debate continues throughout the late '60s and early '70s, often coinciding with conversations about dorm visitation reform (as to when students may visit each other's dorms, keeping the genders separate, etc.) The next major mention of drinking in the dorms occurs in 1973.