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Dearth of Black Students .png
An article from Ursinus Weekly explaining the lack of Black students at Ursinus and proposed solutions

Curtain Club playbill from the production of "May Day Parents" at Ursinus College during 1950

Student submitted pieces from the 1971-1972 edition of the Lantern.

Alumni Journal-Vol86-82-1997-2000.pdf
A piece written about the athletic director, Brian Thomas's, experience while serving in Vietnam.

Alumni Journal-Vol62-64-1964-1966.pdf
A piece written about the various Ursinus men servicing in the Navy during the Vietnam War.

Alumni Journal-Vol57-61-1959-63.pdf
A written piece by Jean Sillcox who lived in Vietnam with her husband who was in the military for a couple years beginning in 1958.

Student submitted pieces to the Lantern

Student submitted pieces to the Lantern

Student submitted pieces submitted to the Lantern.

Student submitted and published pieces in the Lantern.
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