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This article informs student athletes of the effects of hazing and how the investigations will be dealt with within the student athletes school.

5 football players from Wheaton college involved with hazing investigation leading to the suspension of their season.

5 Swimmers from the University of Virtgina suspended for violating school rules.

This 1970 black and white photograph shows the portrait presentation at a testimonial dinner for Ursinus College coach Eleanor Frost Snell. The event was held at a Holiday Inn in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. Visible in the photo are Jen Price…

This is the one hundred fifth page of a scrapbook assembled and presented to Eleanor Snell by her student athletes on the occasion of Snell’s retirement testimonial dinner in May, 1970.

This page features a photograph of Eleanor Snell with members…

Snell_MerrifieldFall1953 (1).jpg
This 1953 black and white photograph shows coach Eleanor Frost Snell and student Marge Merrifield Loomis standing on an athletic field at Ursinus College. Marge is wearing her hockey uniform and is holding a field hockey stick.

Investigation for multiple violations against Brown Universities swimming team, some do not agree with the punishments.

This textbook highlights the various forms and sources from which radio propaganda targeting East Germany originated and spread from during the Cold War.

The Grizzly August 29 2002.pdf
There were 2 student productions in the Fall 2002 Semester in which was opened for everyone.
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