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minority faculty bank.pdf
This is a series of primary sources documenting the college's joining of The Chronicle of Higher Education's Minority Faculty Vita Bank, and related documents explaining and describing exactly what that means. The first document is a one-page letter…

minority student union.pdf
These two typed pages are the constitution drawn up for the Minority Students Union. Although it is undated it was pulled from the Ursinusiana archives from a folder labeled 1987/1988 so can be tentatively dated to that general timeline. The…

COSA AAAS 2011.png
A list of CoSA presentations that came from the loins of the African American & Africana Studies program.

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COSA AAAS 2010.png
A list of CoSA presentations that came from the loins of the African American & Africana Studies program.

The fight for the recognition of black people at URSINUS .png
An article from the Ursinus Weekly by Byron Jackson explaining the importance of uplifting the presence of the Black community.

Can a Black Man Find Happiness at Ursinus.pdf
The article was a student-conducted interview between Richard Whaley, the interviewer and creator of the article, and Nathaniel Dupree, a black political science major at the time. In this interview, the two discuss Nathaniel's general happiness on…

“Black and Beautiful” is a newspaper article contained in volume 67 of The Ursinus Weekly. Published on January 11th, 1968, this article serves as a form of student activism geared towards dismantling the white supremacy in the 60s and 70s. Written…

This image is of one of the professors who taught African heritage and Africana areas of study at Ursinus in 1999 — Dr. Nzadi Keita. She was teaching courses in this subject area before the program existed. Additionally, Dr. Keita was one of the few…

Focus_Nate Dupree Ursinus Weekly_1974Nov7final-4.jpg
“Focus: Nate Dupree Can a Black Man Find Happiness at Ursinus? Well…” is an interview written by Richard Whaley and published November 7, 1974 Ursinus Weekly. In the interview Dupree mentions that he would like to add a Black studies program and…

thumbnail__Admission of Negro Girls Provides Difficult Situation_ .png
On May 23, 1968, Linda Richtmyre writes in The Ursinus Weekly
illustrating the necessity to actively acknowledge and the act of seeking after "the prospect of inclusion of any Negro girls in the next freshman class." There were difficulties seeking…
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