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Richter Accepting Portrait of himself from Theodore A. Xaras

richter speech.tiff
Text of President Richter's Inaugural Speech

berman (2).tiff
Construction of the Berman Art Museum at Ursinus College

upheaval (1).tiff
Art Sculpture donated by the Bermans

Olin Building.tiff
The construction site of the F.W. Olin Building

Poem on Vietnam War.
Articles pertaining to the missing Peace Tree.

Modern Image of Peace Tree
These are pictures about where the peace tree existed. Gathered from various sources, most of which wishing to remain anonymous.

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 12.47.02 AM.png
This is an image taken from the 1970 Ruby of graffiti and protest.

52 Pages from 2010 Ruby.jpg
Yearbook group photo of the Cinematic Guild's members with their names listed to the left of the picture

5 Pages from Grizzly Oct 29 1997 vol. 21 no 4.jpg
A recounting of supernatural occurrences in Unity House, Reimert Hall, and Shreiner Hall. Clamer Hall is breifly mentioned
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