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This is a photo taken by Tighe on October 15th, 1969 at Ursinus College.

Ursinus College A History of its First Hundred Years-34.jpg
The caption at the top gives a brief description of Prospect Terrace and early hosing for women. The photograph is of Prospect Terrace.

Commencement 1884 Front.jpg
A pamphlet of the 1884 Commencement the year in which the first two women, Minerva Weinberger and Bertha Hendricks, graduated. Minvera was valedictorian. This includes the front, inside, and back.

1905 Ruby- ii.jpg
A description of the Ursinus School of Theology, Ursinus College, and the Ursinus Academy.

An editorial in which a dismayed student ponders the future of Ursinus and what will happen if the students remain complacent with the status quo.

V-12 Unit - First Company - Oct 1943.pdf
A photo showing the First Company from the new V-12 program at Ursinus College from 1943.

V-12 Contract Map of Campus.pdf
A hand drawn map detailing the lay out of Ursinus's campus found in the V-12 contract between Ursinus and the Naval Reserve.

V-12 Contract001.pdf
The government contract explaining the specifics of the deal which allows Ursinus to host the V-12 units.

V-12 College Selection001.pdf
A letter sent to the Department of the Navy petitioning for Ursinus to be part of the V-12 program. This letter contains multiple photos displaying different areas of campus.
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