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The Bohemian Battle of the Sexes

Enemies by Neith Boyce can be seen as an outline of the struggles of women living in The Village during Mabel Dodge’s stay. The title, Enemies, conveys how women like Dodge and Boyce felt their struggles to love…

Photo of set up of "Bound East for Cardiff" performed a year after the theater was launched with "Constancy"
Boyce’s Constancy Stages the Inconstancy of Male Ideology and Action in Greenwich Village

Neith Boyce’s Constancy depicts Mabel Dodge’s relationship with John Reed in order to glorify Dodge’s radical assertions of autonomy while also…

Robert Edmund Jones is another example of someone whose artistic enterprises Dodge supported. He exists similarly to Mina Loy in that Dodge maintained connection with Jones through correspondence. Jones worked in theater products and Dodge financed…

Mabel Dodge and Hutch Hapgood had a complicated relationship for Dodge's days in New York. It isn't clear if they ever acted on their feelings of attraction that are expressed in their dozens of letters between each other, but ultimately Hapgood…
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