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Dr. Reuben A. Sheares was invited to speak at Ursinus College on Values and the Ultimate Concern. Dr. Sheares was the executive director for the Office for Church Life and Leadership, United Church of Christ and was most well known for his book Next…

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In October of 1980, political scientist Kenneth W. Grundy was invited to speak at Ursinus College about the Great Powers of Africa. At the time of the event, Grundy had visited Africa for his research six times and spent his time traveling and…

This image is of one of the professors who taught African heritage and Africana areas of study at Ursinus in 1999 — Dr. Nzadi Keita. She was teaching courses in this subject area before the program existed. Additionally, Dr. Keita was one of the few…

ANTH-242 Peoples of Africa from 2011_2013 Course Catalogue.JPG
Peoples of Africa, an Anthropology course, is a course offered in the 2003-2004 Ursinus College course catalog. The course was taught by Dr. Oboler.
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