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thumbnail__Admission of Negro Girls Provides Difficult Situation_ .png
On May 23, 1968, Linda Richtmyre writes in The Ursinus Weekly
illustrating the necessity to actively acknowledge and the act of seeking after "the prospect of inclusion of any Negro girls in the next freshman class." There were difficulties seeking…

AH UM UH Feb 19 1991.JPG
Offers tongue-in-cheek advice for heterosexual males on how to behave around gay males.

Newspaper article detailing the Air Force launching a program to offer admissions to UC grads. From The Ursinus Weekly, Vol. 58, No. 9, pp. 1

An Editorial Pot Shot 11-14-1968 Judy Schneider Ursinus Weekly.png
Ursinus Weekly editorial condemning Ursinus students for being uninterested with international issues of war, race and economics


Board meets on Diversity Reports March 1_ 2012 The grizzly.tif
This article from the March 1st, 2012 edition of the Ursinus College Grizzly newspaper announces the beginning of a retreat for the college’s Board of Trustees. At this meeting the board plans to discuss a strategic diversity plan based on three…

Bridging the Gap.pdf
This Ursinus Grizzly newspaper article from September 23, 1988 coincides with the release of the first official Ursinus College Bridge Program report describing and assessing the Bridge Program. The article goes on to explain what the program is and…



Campus Memo Nov 19 1991 .jpg
Richter calls for unity amidst diversity, stating that "civility evokes reasonable language and action."

GrizzlyCoverCampusResponds Nov 19 1991.jpg
Banner heading stating the content of that week's opinions section.
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