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Ursinus to be Site for V-12 - 3-1-1943(reduced+OCR).pdf
The announcement in the Ursinus Weekly that the Navy department had selected Ursinus College as a site for the new V-12 program.

Ursinus to be Inspected - 3-8-1943(reduced+OCR).pdf
The article is reporting on how Ursinus will be inspected for the possibility of engaging in a government contract to bring the V-12 program to campus.

minority faculty bank.pdf
This is a series of primary sources documenting the college's joining of The Chronicle of Higher Education's Minority Faculty Vita Bank, and related documents explaining and describing exactly what that means. The first document is a one-page letter…

minority student union.pdf
These two typed pages are the constitution drawn up for the Minority Students Union. Although it is undated it was pulled from the Ursinusiana archives from a folder labeled 1987/1988 so can be tentatively dated to that general timeline. The…

AAAS book holdings.pdf
This is a one-page memo and one-page attachment from President Richard Richter to Yvette Dennis and Audrey Wade on April 2nd of 1990 regarding the college's library holdings in African-American Studies and plans to increase these holdings. The letter…

This photo depicts Maggie Ussery (right) along with in the 2004 Ruby Yearbook. As the first coordinator of the African American Africana Studies Program, Ms. Ussery also taught SOC/WMS 264 Gender, Race and Work: a course investigating the…

The Board meets on Diversity Reports March 1 2012 The Grizzly II.tif
The newspaper article details an Ursinus College board meeting in 2012 regarding diversity on campus. A report given to the board by the FDC expresses dissatisfaction with the current handling of diversity affairs on campus. It is stated in the…

upheaval (1).tiff
Art Sculpture donated by the Bermans

52 Pages from 2010 Ruby.jpg
Yearbook group photo of the Cinematic Guild's members with their names listed to the left of the picture
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