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1905 Ruby-147-149_Page_1.jpg
Three pages including the title page with a drawing, a list of why do and do not call on the girls, and "The Woman's Oractorical Union of Ursinus College"/ "The Motherhood Union."

1905 Ruby-132.jpg
"An organization for the promotion of sociability between two, me and a Co-ed." A list of its Officers, Chapter Members, Present Membership, Former Members, and Would-Be Regulars. Interestingly there isn't a single woman in the club, as there is no…

1900 Ruby-97-110_Page_09.jpg
A series of jokes clubs that are satirical in nature and only appear in one edition of the Ruby. The list of clubs consist of - The Scalpel Club, Society of Green Turtles, East Wing Electric Club, Dramatic Club, Farmers Club, State Normal Club.

1898 Ruby 91-104_Page_01.jpg
A series of joke clubs that were found within the 1898 Ruby. These existed for only one year and have an element of satire to them. The list of clubs consist of - Farmers' Alliance, Freshman Mustache Club, Lover's League, Hibernian Society, The King…
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