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1906 Ruby-153-160_Page_1.jpg
Three pages: A drawing as a title page for the Co-Ed section, a poem written by Harman, 06', and a photograph of the Co-Ed's.

1906 Ruby- 166-167_Page_2.jpg
A list questions such as which college girl is the prettiest, cutest, most popular, most athletic, most dignified, most independent, bigger jollier, best student, biggest gossip, biggest flirt. Notice the contrast in these questions to the men's…

1906 Ruby- 166-167_Page_1.jpg
A list of questions that choose a Ursinus Boy who is the best looking, laziest, sportiest, tightest, most generous, most manly, best student, most athletic, biggest jollier, and biggest flirt.

1905 Ruby-147-149_Page_1.jpg
Three pages including the title page with a drawing, a list of why do and do not call on the girls, and "The Woman's Oractorical Union of Ursinus College"/ "The Motherhood Union."
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