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The Ruby - 1897 -86-92_Page_2.jpg
A photograph and list of the members of the 1897 mandolin club.

The Ruby - 1897 73-85_Page_08.jpg
A photograph of the 1897 men's football team.

The Ruby - 1897 73-85_Page_06.jpg
A list of the 1897 men's football team with their stats from the season.

The Ruby - 1897 73-85_Page_05.jpg
A photograph of the men's baseball team members.

The Ruby - 1897 73-85_Page_03.jpg
A list of the baseball teams games and scores from 1895. Also included is a list of the members on the men's 1897 baseball team.

The Ruby - 1897- 65-67_Page_4.jpg
A photograph of the Olevian Literary Society's members.

The Ruby - 1897- 65-67_Page_3.jpg
A history of the Olevian Literary Society.

The Ruby - 1897- 65-67_Page_2.jpg
The first page of a three-page entry in the Ruby. The page lists the executive board and members of the club that year.

1898 Ruby 91-104_Page_01.jpg
A series of joke clubs that were found within the 1898 Ruby. These existed for only one year and have an element of satire to them. The list of clubs consist of - Farmers' Alliance, Freshman Mustache Club, Lover's League, Hibernian Society, The King…
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