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NoMoreCrap Nov 19 1991.jpg
Katie Jones sympathizes with GALA and condemns Ronning for the tone he took in his letters.

FacultyMembersSpeakOut Nov 19 1991.jpg
Alumna and Associate Director of Development Jill Leauber Sherman, class of 1978, calls on students to "unite" behind the "same diploma."

FacultyMembersSpeakOut Nov 19 1991.jpg
The Executive Committee members offer a strong rebuke of John Ronning's letter and sentiments.

FacultyMembersSpeakOut Nov 19 1991.jpg
Ronald Hess, Margot Kelley, and Robert Dawley speak out again John Ronning's letter.

WritinginGodTaste Nov 19 1991.jpg
The Editor in Chief of the Grizzly defends his decision to print John Ronning's letter, citing freedom of speech.

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WritinginGodTaste Nov 19 1991.jpg
Ellen R. Sylvester, the Assistant Opinions Editor, argues that Ronning's letter was harmful and stereotyped the homosexual populaiton.

USGAminutes Nov 13 1991.jpg
Mentions that USGA members spoke on the Grizzly GALA articles published on the 12 of November, 1991.

GrizzlyCoverCampusResponds Nov 19 1991.jpg
Banner heading stating the content of that week's opinions section.

FaceOffProsandConsofGALA Nov 12 1991.jpg
Physics professor John Ronning argues that GALA would promote a harmful if curable lifestyle that is homosexuality, while Sociology professor Regina Oboler argues that GALA will benefit all of campus.

USGAminutes Oct 30 1991.jpg
States that the GALA constitution was approved, Skydiving Club is seeking approval.
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