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Where Do We Go From Here - 12-15-1941(reduced+OCR).pdf
This is a student article which discusses the desire to be informed on what is happening and what he and other students can do to best serve the United States. If it serves the nation more for them to stay in college, then they will. If it serves the…

The first article, titled "Monday, December 7, 1942" is a piece about how America has come together in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor and it is time to rededicate itself even further to pursuing freedom. The second article, "The War Hits The Small…

Weekly War Extra - 12-8-1941(reduced+OCR).pdf
A piece published the day after Pearl Harbor occurred announced the United States officially declared war on Japan.

French installed as chair.jpg
Dr. John French, associate music professor at Ursinus College, inaugurated into the William F. Heefner chair position

heefner organ installation article.jpg
An account of the new Ursinus organ, named the Heefner Organ after its dedication ceremony. It details specifications of the organ and talks about the process of installing the organ into Bomberger auditorium in the summer of 1986.

The cover of the program for the War Years Reunion in 1991

Two Hundred Students Say Dawn Adieus - 2-22-1943(reduced+OCR).pdf
A newspaper article from the Ursinus Weekly which recounts the departure of 31 Army Reservists who attended Ursinus.

Monday, January 12, 1942(reduced+OCR).pdf
Two short student pieces discussing civilian defense and the importance of first aid training.

College Adopts 3-Semester Year(reduced+OCR).pdf
An article on the adoption of a three semester school year to allow for faster graduation of students.

The official rules for what to do during Blackout drills.
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