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The article was a student-conducted interview between Richard Whaley, the interviewer and creator of the article, and Nathaniel Dupree, a black political science major at the time. In this interview, the two discuss Nathaniel's general happiness on…

Chi Rho Psi 1993.png
The first picture of Chi Rho Psi in the Ruby yearbook.

chi rho psi.png
The Chi Rho Psi fraternity's last photo in the yearbook. It is assumed the organization died upon graduation.

Dearth of Black Students .png
An article from Ursinus Weekly explaining the lack of Black students at Ursinus and proposed solutions

Confrontation-Black vs White.PNG
The article is a brief recounting of black students at Swarthmore College in their fight for acceptance. In their protest, they ask for programs of education and to promote the realization of the Black struggle. The Afro-American students Society of…

Delta Pi Sigma 1951.png
The first year Delta Pi Sigma (founded 1949) was featured in the Ruby yearbook.

delta pi 2016.jpg
Photograph of the Delta Pi Sigma fraternity in 2016.

Diversity Issues at Ursinus College A Cry for Change.jpg
An article written by Administration member, Austin L. Duckett discussing a diversity town hall regarding certain racially motivated vandalism and behaviors as well as racial slurs. Talks about how students can take action and speak out against…

diversity downfall 1996.jpg
A response to the "Roving Reporter" regarding the ways apathy affects diversity and inclusion at Ursinus College.
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