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Greek Life rushes into Fall season with new regulations.jpg
Discusses the changes to Greek life in rushing and pledging. The entire process, originally taking almost the entire school year, would only take about half a semester. Pledging was also cut down from 60 hours a week to 20 hours a week. Due to the…

Full Auditorium discusses solutions to Diversity Issues at Forum.jpg
An article about the continuation of the USGA meetings discussing the ways that Ursinus and the Diversity Committee will proceed in the following years.

USGA Meeting Tackles Hate Crimes at Ursinus.jpg
An article discussing the USGA meeting regarding discrimination, hate crimes, and bigotry at Ursinus and how students can change diversity and inclusion.

Diversity Issues at Ursinus College A Cry for Change.jpg
An article written by Administration member, Austin L. Duckett discussing a diversity town hall regarding certain racially motivated vandalism and behaviors as well as racial slurs. Talks about how students can take action and speak out against…

diversity downfall 1996.jpg
A response to the "Roving Reporter" regarding the ways apathy affects diversity and inclusion at Ursinus College.
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