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Where Do We Go From Here - 12-15-1941(reduced+OCR).pdf
This is a student article which discusses the desire to be informed on what is happening and what he and other students can do to best serve the United States. If it serves the nation more for them to stay in college, then they will. If it serves the…

exposure 2.1.07.jpg
In The Grizzly, published February 1st, 2007, Jon Gagas wrote “What’s going on with Exposure.” One evening the semester prior, Exposure had a potluck dinner where students of every color came together for a communal meal. Exposure is a group…

Curtain Club playbill from the production of "May Day Parents" at Ursinus College during 1950

Weekly War Extra - 12-8-1941(reduced+OCR).pdf
A piece published the day after Pearl Harbor occurred announced the United States officially declared war on Japan.

An editorial in which a dismayed student ponders the future of Ursinus and what will happen if the students remain complacent with the status quo.

The cover of the program for the War Years Reunion in 1991

Values Next Forum Topic 1.jpg
Dr. Reuben A. Sheares was invited to speak at Ursinus College on Values and the Ultimate Concern. Dr. Sheares was the executive director for the Office for Church Life and Leadership, United Church of Christ and was most well known for his book Next…

V-12 Unit - First Company - Oct 1943.pdf
A photo showing the First Company from the new V-12 program at Ursinus College from 1943.

V-12 Contract Map of Campus.pdf
A hand drawn map detailing the lay out of Ursinus's campus found in the V-12 contract between Ursinus and the Naval Reserve.

V-12 College Selection001.pdf
A letter sent to the Department of the Navy petitioning for Ursinus to be part of the V-12 program. This letter contains multiple photos displaying different areas of campus.
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