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1907 Ruby- 130-132_Page_2.jpg
Two Photographs of the Women's Basket Ball Team one and two.

1906 Ruby-153-160_Page_5.jpg
Two photographs of the women of the class of 1906. They are wearing hats that have the year 06 on them. The photographer took a photo of them from both sides.

1906 Ruby-153-160_Page_1.jpg
Three pages: A drawing as a title page for the Co-Ed section, a poem written by Harman, 06', and a photograph of the Co-Ed's.

1904 Ruby-168-170_Page_3.jpg
Two photographs of students out and about during the winter. The top one is of students on campus trekking through the snow, where as the second is students ice skating on the Perkiomen River.

1904 Ruby-168-170_Page_1.jpg
A two page description of the outing to Valley Forge made by the class of 1904 when they were sophomores in 1902. As the class was graduating in 1904 this was most likely a memory of a favorite trip made by them. Both the men and women of the class…

1903 Ruby-124-125_Page_2.jpg
A photograph of the members of the women's basket-ball team.

1903 Ruby Between 22-23.jpg
A photography that shows what campus looked like in 1903, the most notable buildings are Olevian Hall, Freeland Hall, and Bomberger.

1902 Ruby-129-131_Page_3.jpg
A photo of the members of the women's basket ball team. There seems to be some sort of age gap between some of the women, which makes me believe that some women were from the Ursinus Academy. Note the dresses that the women are wearing are what they…

1902 Ruby- 91-99_Page_9.jpg
A photograph depicting the Chaminade Club's members, an all women's club.

1902 Ruby- 10-11_Page_2.jpg
A photograph that depicts the staff of the 1902 Ruby. The photo organizes the members based on the page with their titles - editor and assistant editors on top, artist, and business managers.
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