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1904 Ruby-174.jpg
These two photos depict students in the biological and chemical laboratories. Note that women are working alongside men in these photos as classes were coeducational.

1904 Ruby-168-170_Page_3.jpg
Two photographs of students out and about during the winter. The top one is of students on campus trekking through the snow, where as the second is students ice skating on the Perkiomen River.

1904 Ruby-168-170_Page_1.jpg
A two page description of the outing to Valley Forge made by the class of 1904 when they were sophomores in 1902. As the class was graduating in 1904 this was most likely a memory of a favorite trip made by them. Both the men and women of the class…

1904 Ruby-137-138_Page_2.jpg
A list of the members of the Ursinus Glee Clubs. The list is separated by gentleman and ladies which most likely means the clubs were separated by gender.

1904 Ruby-137-138_Page_1.jpg
The Ursinus Glee Clubs with a photograph of their members and the director.

1904 Ruby- 43.jpg
Biography of junior, Mary Emma Shade.

1904 Ruby- 43.jpg
Biography of junior, Mary Emma Shade.

1904 Ruby- 41.jpg
Biography of junior, Elizabeth Caulnder Miles.

1904 Ruby- 37.jpg
A biography of junior, Alma Julia Clamer.
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