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The Ruby - 1897 -86-92_Page_2.jpg
A photograph and list of the members of the 1897 mandolin club.

1904 Ruby-137-138_Page_1.jpg
The Ursinus Glee Clubs with a photograph of their members and the director.

1902 Ruby- 91-99_Page_9.jpg
A photograph depicting the Chaminade Club's members, an all women's club.

1902 Ruby- 91-99_Page_8.jpg
An all women's glee club with members based on their voice type: First Soprano, Second Soprano, First Alto, Second Alto. It also includes Musical Director, Leader, and Manager.

1902 Ruby- 91-99_Page_2.jpg
Some of the clubs in the 1902 Ruby are the, Mathematical Physical Club, Ursinus College Camera Club, The Mask and Wig Club, and Ursinus College Glee Club.

1900 Ruby-97-110_Page_03.jpg
Photography of the Glee and Mandolin Clubs. Important note that all of the members are male which is understood by their tuxedo's.

1900 Ruby-97-110_Page_02.jpg
An entry in the Ruby with all of the members and executive boards of the Glee and Mandolin Clubs.

Pages from UrsinusMag_Spr1971.jpg
Article from Ursinus Bulletin Spring 1971 announcing the death of Miss Marion Gertrude Spangler.
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