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GPA Requirments lowered for frats.JPG
The GPA requirment for frat pledges was lowered so more freshman could join the Greek life community

Sigma Gamma Rho 2007.png
A picture of the Sigma Gamma Rho sister in the 2007 Ruby Yearbook.

The one sister of the national sorority, Sigma Gamma Rho, in the 2005-2006 academic school year.

Alpha Delta Phi 2016.JPG
Photograh of the Alpha Delta Phi society in the 2016 yearbook

New Greek Orgs 2 2015.JPG
The second part of an article that reports on three new organizations attempting to form charters at Ursinus in 2015.

New Greek Orgs 2015.JPG
This article reports on the three new organizations attempting to form charters at Ursinus in 2015, including Lambda Tau Omega, a multicultural sorority, Lambda Alpha Upsilon, a multicultural fraternity that focuses on Latino culture, and Alpha Delta…

1997 Sigma Chi Delta.JPG
Photograph of the Sigma Chi Delta co-ed organization from the 1997 Ruby yearbook.

greek letters.jpg


Greek Life rushes into Fall season with new regulations.jpg
Discusses the changes to Greek life in rushing and pledging. The entire process, originally taking almost the entire school year, would only take about half a semester. Pledging was also cut down from 60 hours a week to 20 hours a week. Due to the…

Kappa Alpha Psi and Seismic Step emerge on campus, continued.jpg
Discusses the overnight diversity program and the entertainment provided by the Step Team and the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity. The article also discusses the reasons why the fraternity had left campus twice due to the overall lack of members, in 1994…
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