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Dance attended by fifty couples, emphasis on the fact that this event was inexpensive.

A student complains about the $1.50 required to watch Ursinus' football games, claiming that such an amount is "a fortune" during a time of economic depression.

1927 5.jpg
The Ruby of 1927 talks about the history of Ursinus and how the college was in 1827 and 1927, and what is predicted of the college by 2027.

23 no 11 better ursinus copy.jpg
Explains why summer sessions at Ursinus ended and how the progressive policies of the directors means a bigger and better Ursinus.

This short article heralds Ursinus' ability to attract large numbers throughout the depression. The freshman college of 1932 brought in record numbers in terms of students enrolled, a sign of how the school managed to keep afloat in spite of its…

1926 4.jpg
A message in the 1926 Ruby that talks about the Financial Campaign and where the funding will go around campus.

24 no 16 fete copy 2.jpg
This article talks about the Valentine Fete that will be held in Bomberger Hall. Included in this excerpt is what events and food will be at the fete and how it is to be a "unique affair".

27 no 9 visual education copy 2.jpg
Details on the effects that film and other visual applications have on students in the classroom.

23 no 10 copy.jpg
A dance held to raise funds for the field house and field cage. The school expected all students to attend this dance.

An aerial photo taken of Ursinus College in 1930
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