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Thomas Field Cage is scene of largest dance of the season, which was a Christmas theme.

1929 Balance Sheet.jpg
The balance sheet for the year ending August 31, 1929


24 no 6 pirates ball copy.jpg
Article that mentions the Pirates Ball and how it will be such an extraordinary event for the school.

24 no 5 league of nations copy.jpg
Article outlining a debate on whether or not the United States should join the League of Nations

24 no 4 bobbing copy.jpg
An ad in the Weekly that offers haircuts such as shingling, boy-bobbing, and plain bobbing for the co-ed.

24 no 2 copy.jpg
Life insurance company advertising students using their insurance to donate to their alma mater.

24 no 2 endowment copy.jpg
An article talking about the progress made in the campaign and preparation for the upcoming months.

23 no 20 copy.jpg
This article emphasizes the importance of small colleges and how they are a community, where professors and students can engage in more than student-teacher relationships.

23 no 15 kkk copy.jpg
The Ku Klux Klan has been disguising their organization in the form of the fraternity Alpha Pi Sigma.

23 no 12 copy.jpg
A dinner was held at Ursinus to celebrate the construction of a new road that passes through Collegeville.
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